Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Get Control Of Your Meeting

In a recent meeting I attended at the Cavaliers, Lance Tyson was reviewing a few leadership ideas with the organization's management team.

There were about 12 people initially in the room for the upper leadership meeting, and after they finished up, the doors opened up to let the rest of the management team in. There was a 10 minute period of time when people were milling about and talking shop until Lance said, “OK. We're gonna start in about 5 minutes so finish up.”

I had an urge to run to the restroom, but I knew it would take me more than 5 minutes to run down to the restroom, do what I had to do, wash up, and run back to the conference room. And I remembered how we handled our early sales meetings before the age of the prolific conference call. If you weren't in the room when the meeting started, you were left out in the hall banging on a locked door.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

30 Prospecting Ideas For Your Cold Calling Campaigns

During a conversation I had with one of my past sales mentor's, he described his first sales experience back in the early 80's. He said that he was seated at a desk with a phone, given a copy of the yellow pages, and was told to start making cold calls.

No one sat down with him to coach him, there was no established cold calling process in place, and no one told him about his target clients or laid out a profile of his target market. All he had was a landline, a copy of the Yellow Pages for the city, and his good looks. He started making cold calls relying only on the communication skills built from his everyday life experiences.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Social Networks Reflect Dale Carnegie Principles

LinkedIn. Twitter. Facebook.

If you want to get noticed in today's business environment, you need to have a presence and be active on these three social networks.

Sometimes, I hear that if you are networking using these social networks, you have to play by a different set of rules in order to be effective.

Well, I just came across some findings that would suggest otherwise.