Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dale Carnegie Employee Engagement Day

Dale Carnegie Training Focuses on Employee Engagement with Global Re-Engagement Day

Well my friends, it’s been a rough few years. In 2008 we saw gas prices skyrocket to over $4 a gallon and we had an election that was on par with a WWE Smackdown. We learned that we were in a recession that was actually backdated to December of 2007. And we still suffer through a weak job market that continues to shift leaving hundreds of thousands of job casualties every week and even more employees less engaged and demotivated.

However, relief is in sight as experts tell us that the economy is beginning to pull up out of it’s 2 year long nosedive. The question is how quickly can businesses reposition themselves in this emerging new economy and how long will it be before employees become engaged again doing the work that they love?

A more important question is will your employees be engaged in your business or will they look elsewhere to do what Top Peters describes as “work worth paying for”?

The war for talent is not over. In fact, it never really ended, even when the Great Recession was in full bloom. In our work with Profiles International, a skills assessment company, we saw that companies were always hunting for good talent and they were willing to spend money to turn good talent into great talent. As the Great Recession recedes into the past and effective businesses begin to ramp up their production, some companies will begin to experience a critical talent drain. Employees that were only working because they needed a job will start looking at other job opportunities for challenging projects and doing “work worth paying for”. They will quickly jump to these new opportunities unless you, the business owner, can get your employees engaged and keep them engaged.

This is one of the reasons why Dale Carnegie Training has created the Global Re-Engagement Day Initiative. With this initiative, Dale Carnegie Training gives small and medium businesses a forum for trading ideas and sharing leadership strategies to get employees engaged and keep the talent that they have.

While there are several events planned nationally, the event for the Midwest Region will be held on October 6 at The Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH. Yes, that is the home of the world famous Columbus BlueJackets.

You will find the Global Re-Engagement Day Initiative press release here and you can sign in here to register for this event.

Now If you have a current situation that involves employee engagement and it's keeing you up at night, type it up and email it to larry_prevost at dcarnegietraining dot com (using the appropriate symbols for the "at" and the "dot"). I’ll get it to the facilitator and they will address it during the workshop.

If there is not enough time to get to all of the situations, then I’ll put together a brief interview with Ed Eppley, Laura Nortz, or one of our other Leadership Training for Managers instructors. I’ll post the interview as a podcast that you can download from this location at a future date.

Good Selling.

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