Friday, July 24, 2009

Pay Attention to These 5 Verbal Clues to Outsell the Competition

One of the skills that you can actively develop when cold calling is your ability to listen to your prospects--being able to gather information, understand that information and apply it to turn your prospects into customers and turn your customers into happy clients.

Here are five things to pay attention to when you are going through your sales process. They are absolutely essential when conducting your sales activities over the phone:

1. Listen to the speed and cadence of your prospect's speech patterns.
You communicate most effectively with your clients when you talk like them. When you speak, match their speed and cadence.
If you want to achieve rapport and communicate as effectively as possible, then exercise your flexibility and talk like your prospect.

2. Listen to their intonation.
Emphasis on one particular word should give you clues on the types of the questions that you'll need to move the process forward.

3. Listen for repeat phrases.
If your client repeatedly asks about something, regardless if they preface it with statements like, "It's not a big thing..." or "I was just curious..." or "It's not important..." you better believe that it is important in their mind. That's an indication that it's time to start drilling down with questions to discover the driving force behind the thing that they claim is not important.

4. Listen to the types of words that they use.
You want to convey a sensory-rich description of your solution to your prospect, employing a variety of sensory descriptions, but first you need to gain rapport and that will entail meeting your prospect where they currently are and talking with them in their terms.

5. Listen for phrases that seem out of place.
The key here is not to listen for the covert messages or hidden meaning in your client's communication. The key here is to be cognizant of the patterns that they use to communicate their challenges to you. If you know how they prefer to communicate, then you can communicate like them on their terms. And if you can communicate like them, then you will establish rapport quicker and maintain it longer. And if you can maintain rapport, then you work your sales process from trust and you'll find yourself closing more deals.


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