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COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 20, 2009) -- Sequent, a consulting and outsourcingfirm, together with Dale Carnegie Training, an internationally recognized leaderin human resources and employee management, Humor Consultants, a firmspecializing in individual and professional growth, and Mindful Life/MindfulWork, an experiential coaching/training consulting firm, have formed a strategicpartnership to provide Outplacement Services for companies facing downsizing.

"The goal of this partnership is to establish outplacement programs through anetwork of consulting and outplacement firms that are collaborating to assistcompanies and their employees as they face downsizing,"said Tim Reed,managing director of Employment Services at Sequent. "By partnering with DaleCarnegie Training, Humor Consultants and Mindful Life/Mindful Work, webelieve we have created unique and innovative outplacement programs that arerich in both content and experience."

The outplacement programs that Sequent and its partners have developed help toretrain and refocus employees. The programs include personal assessments,practical skills training needed for career transition, as well as the personalcoaching out-of-work employees need to reinvent themselves and meet thechallenges of the changing business climate. The objective is to help companiesby providing their downsized employees with the skills and training they need toget back to work quickly, even as they face the tightest job market in decades.

Sequent and its partners have already started marketing their practical programs tolocal companies. "Our hope is that many companies will not only want to helptheir own downsized employees, but will also want to give back to theircommunity in these challenging economic times,"said Reed. "We are excited tobe apart of such an important initiative to help get people back to work."

About Sequent
Sequent is a consulting and outsourcing firm that helps clients improve corporateperformance through the integration of people strategies, process management andtechnology. The firm is one of the top 100 privately held businesses in CentralOhio with offices in Columbus, Ohio; Birmingham, Alabama; Nashville,Tennessee, and Springfield, Ohio. Sequent's offerings include Human CapitalManagement, Technology Solutions, Thought Leadership, Employee BenefitPrograms and Risk Management. For more information, visit

About Dale Carnegie Training
Dale Carnegie Training, the internationally recognized leader in human behavioraldevelopment and employee management, has evolved from one man's belief inthe power of self-improvement to a performance-based learning and developmentcompany. They focus on coaching business people to sharpen theircommunication, presentation, and leadership skills, improving their overallprofessional performance. Lance Tyson, CEO of Tyson Eppley Management, islicensed to provide Dale Carnegie Training in Ohio, Indiana and NorthernKentucky. Through a process of individual consulting and group dynamics, theyoffer practical principles and processes that give people the knowledge, skills andpractices they need to enhance their job search.

About Humor Consultants
Phil Sorentino, co-founder of Humor Consultants specializes in individual andprofessional growth. His goal is to assist people in four critical areas: WorkingSmart, Having Fun, Making Money, Developing an Action Plan. Though a"Conoaching"session, which is part consulting and part coaching, and throughon-going support, he works with individuals to help them achieve their uniquegoals in three areas: growth, enjoyment and profit. Conoaching is a process, notan event, that is meant to guide individuals to uncover answers for themselves.The process provides job seekers with materials and assignments that assist intheir job search and motivates them to have fun at the same time.

About Mindful Life/MindfulWork
Patricia Bright founder of Mindful Life/Mindful Work offers experientialcoaching and training services to individuals to foster personal insight in careertransitioning. She helps individuals re-orient habits or conditioned patterns ofthinking and doing in order to maximize perspective and potential. She helpsindividuals create resumes that stand out by focusing on promoting the skills andabilities of the individual. In addition to the class time she provides in theoutplacement programs, she also spends time one-on-one with individuals whoneed help overcoming challenges and struggles so that they can reach their highestpotential.


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