Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"How To Eliminate Fifty Percent of Your Business Worries"

'My friend Frank Bettger, one of the top insurance men in America, told me he not only reduced his business worries, but nearly doubled his income by using this method.

"Years ago," said Frank Bettger, "when I first started to sell insurance, I was filled with a boundless enthusiasm and love for my work. Then something happened. I became so discouraged that I despised my work and thought of giving it up. I think I would have quit-if I hadn't got the idea, one Saturday morning, of sitting down and trying to get at the root of my worries.

"1. I asked myself first, 'Just what is the problem?' The problem was: I was not getting high enough returns for the staggering amount of calls I was making. I seemed to do pretty well at selling a prospect until the moment came for closing a sale. Then the customers would say, 'Well, I'll think it over, Mr. Bettger. Come and see me again.' It was the time I wasted on these follow-up calls that was causing my depression.

"2. I asked myself, 'What are the possible solutions?' But to get the answer to that one, I had to study the facts. I got out my record book for the last twelve months and studied the figures.

"I made an astounding discovery! Right there in black and white, I discovered that seventy percent of my sales had been closed on the very first interview! Twenty-three percent of my sales had been closed on the second interview! And only seven percent of my sales had been closed had been closed on those third, fourth, fifth, etc., interviews, which were running me ragged and taking up time. In other words, I was wasting fully one half of my working day on a part of my business which was responsible for only seven percent of my sales!

"3.'What is the answer?' The answer was obvious. I immediately cut out all visits beyond the second interview, and spent the extra time building up new prospects. The results were unbelievable. In a very short time, I had doubled the cash value of every visit I made."

As I said, Frank Bettger became one of the best-known life-insurance salesmen in the country. But he was on the point of giving up. He was on the point of admitting failure-until analyzing the problem gave him the boost on the road to success.

Can you apply these questions to your business problems? To repeat my challenge-they can reduce your worries by fifty percent. Here they are again:

1. What is the problem?
2. What is the CAUSE of the problem?
3. What are all the possible solutions to the problem?
4. What solution do you suggest?'
*Source: How To Stop Worrying & Start Living by Dale Carnegie

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