Monday, March 2, 2009

3 Tips To Supercharge Your Cold Calling Response From Internet Generated Leads

I posted this on the Sales IT Tech blog a few days ago. It just seemed to fit nicely with some of the other discussions that will take place over there. After all, over there we’ll be looking at Internet lead generation techniques as well as how to implement some of the technology required to make those techniques work.

This particular technique, however, seemed more sales strategic. It would probably be very useful to the any sales rep looking for ways to improve their lead follow-up procedure, especially in these turbulent times.

So here is the follow up technique that involves saying something different from the ever prevalent, “We saw that you downloaded one of our whitepapers. I’m just calling to make sure that you found everything you needed.”

Good hunting!

Three Cold Calling Tips For Augementing Your Lead Generation Strategy

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