Sales Lesson From a Lemonade Stand

It’s been a week since I’ve finished the Cleveland marathon. So running today was a small challenge, but not to tough. I could feel my feet talking to me towards the end of the run. During that run, I came across two little girls selling lemonade in front of their house (with parents supervising, of course).

Naturally, running for 2, 3, and 4 hours, I work up a powerful thirst. Unfortunately, my running shorts don’t have pockets. So I don’t carry money with me.

This means I have to resort to stealing sips from any lawn sprinkler I happen to pass by instead of doing my part to help the youth of America discover the wonders of our free enterprise system.

This incident reminded me of two points that we need to remember when we are out there selling or running direct marketing campaigns.

  1. It’s easier to sell your products and services to someone who is “hungry to buy it”. Find that crowd that is starving, or thirsty, for what you’re selling.

  2. Make sure that your prospect a) has the authority to buy and b) has the money to buy.

Point 1 takes a little more time up front and requires some creativity. But there are many direct marketing strategies available that can help your starving crowd to identify themselves.

As sales reps, point 2 is something that we should do all of the time. It’s called qualifying the prospect. Unfortunately, sometimes we get so excited that somebody is sitting down with us that we forget to insure that this is the right person to sit with.

Incorporating these two tips back into your process and you’ll start taking time off your sales cycle.

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