Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Insights Into Leadership

A quick update on the seminars and workshops in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana metro areas. We’ve added several new events for the "Are You Promotable?" and "Are You Selling Enough?" seminars. The title of the newest seminar on the board is "Insights into Leadership".

In this seminar, we will address some of the challenges we face when we are in a managerial role and we need to balance our ability to manage against our ability to lead. Insights will be revealed that will have you thinking differently not just about how you interact with your direct reports, but also how you view yourself within the company. As with the other two seminars, "Insights into Leadership" is a free workshop where you will have an opportunity to build your own action plan for your advancement.

Times and dates for all workshops are included in the "Seminars and Workshops" section.

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