Monday, December 10, 2007

Some More Reasons To Get Started On Your Job Promotion Plan.

As the end of the year approaches, more people are running about looking for that last minute holiday gift. Let us not forget about ourselves in this holiday rush. As the New Year commences twenty-one days from now, we will make some resolutions and start looking at ways that we can make the coming year prosperous for ourselves.

This article from Robert McCauley from Robert Half International, outlines some simple reasons why now is the best time to put the pressure on your career move, be it a new job, a career transition or looking for job advancement.

Look over this article and then ask yourself, what else do I need to do to make my goals a reality? Where can I get assistance in reaching my performance targets? Then register for the "Are You Promotable" workshop in Cleveland and Akron this week to begin putting together your plan to make it happen.

One of the tips we will be discussing in the workshop is how to make other people better. Companies are always looking for people who have the skill to work with other people, to support the teams that they create and can motivate other people to excel. If this is something that is in your skill set, then it should definitely be a part of your overall plan.

As someone who is looking for career advancement, remember that you are actually selling your skill set to prospective buyers. In order to make your case for the job, the promotion or the change, you will need to have a plan in place with your skill set outlined to highlight what you are truly capable of accomplishing. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the perfect opportunity to build that plan and start making something happen for you.

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  1. Larry,

    I would tell Ben and Tess to be concerned about:
    Do they respect their new boss?
    Will she/he likely be there in five years?
    If I demonstrate above average talent and results will I have reasonable opportunity to advance?
    Will they teach me new skills if I am willing to work?
    Will I enjoy the kind of work I would do?
    Will the culture of the company fit me?

    Have a great day!