Customer Service and Entrepreneurism Served up with Coffee

You can sometimes find Leadership, Customer Service and Sales in unlikely places if you keep your eyes open.
I like coffee.

Just after leaving the Dale Carnegie office earlier today, I went over to the local Starbucks on the other side of I480. Sarah was behind the counter when I got there. Since I go there frequently and order a large coffee every time, all she had to do was recite it back to me before getting it, “Hello Larry. Venti Coffee?” (Ya gotta love those Starbucks terms).

She told me that it was still brewing and, because I had to wait, the coffee would be on the house.

While I was waiting, I knelt down and peeked at the local paper, thumbing through some of the headlines. After a couple of minutes, I stood up and Sarah was behind me, holding out my cup of coffee.

You could say that she could afford to come from behind the counter and deliver my coffee because there were only a few people in the store.

You could say that I was receiving preferential treatment because I was a regular customer.

I say it was a reflection of her entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to go the extra mile.

This was not the first time a customer service event like this has happened here, nor do I believe it will be the last.

Some individuals out there take personal ownership of a job, a task or achieving an outcome. They see it as their personal mission to extend beyond the norm and make something happen.

How would you like to have a few of these people on your team? What kind of impact would it make on your production to have members of your team take personal ownership of getting a job done?

To Sarah, Jenna, Dan, Dave, and the rest of the Starbucks crew at Vista Way in Garfield Heights, keep up the excellent service and thank you for making 2007 a wonderful year.

Happy Holidays.

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