Thursday, November 29, 2007

What do the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Software Security Company Endforce Have in Common?

The same thing they share with Sam Walton, Warren Buffet and Lee Iacocca. They have all made use of Dale Carnegie Training to get results.

While I don’t know where Sam Walton, Warren Buffet or Lee Iacocca actually trained,
Endforce and the Cleveland Cavaliers have leveraged the talents right here in the Ohio Valley area.

Ed Eppley, one of the partners of Dale Carnegie Training of Ohio and Indiana, and one of the top trainers in the worldwide organization, has worked extensively with the leadership team at Endforce for the past few years. Lance Tyson, President and CEO of the training organization and a major contributor in the nationally recognized Sales Advantage program, has given his expertise to the Cleveland Cavaliers, helping the sales organization exceed their ticket sales projections.

These are just two organizations in Ohio that have benefited from what these two dynamic leaders have brought to the area. To get more of a flavor of what they have accomplished,
read this article from Business First of Columbus (one of the Business Journal family of publications). It was first printed in 2004, but it will give you some insight into what they have planned for the next few years and why it’s an exciting time to be doing business in the Ohio Valley.

Think it’s an exciting time to do business here in the Ohio Valley? Leave a comment letting us know your thoughts.

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