Are You Promotable?

In today’s business environment, we all understand the importance of getting recognition for our accomplishments and achievements. However, when our lives are moving at the speed of business, we can find it difficult to take time and identify our achievements. Equally as difficult is finding a way to promote our accomplishments that gets us noticed without sounding like a braggart.

One of the most overlooked factors is the relationship we have with the people we report to as well as those that report to us. Sometimes, something as simple as just coming in with a smile on our face is enough to make us stand out in a crowd.

I remember a situation that occurred when I lived in Cupertino. I regularly had my shirts laundered and pressed at a dry cleaners to conserve time. There were two dry cleaning shops separated by a distance of two blocks. The shop that was furthest from me charged 50 cents more per shirt than the shop that was closer to me. Yet, I would regularly walk past the shop that was closer to do business with the one that was further away.


Because every time I walked in the door, the woman behind the counter greeted me with a smile. She asked me how I was doing. She even went so far as to ask me my name (imagine that). As for the shop that was closer, the person behind the counter was always on the phone, never smiled, and every transaction was treated in a mechanical fashion.

People that smile naturally attract other people to them. They stand out in a crowd. They get the lionshare of the business, they are hired more often, and they are the ones who get the promotions. I once heard a speaker say that Abraham Lincoln didn’t hire a man because of his face. When questioned about the harsh evaluation, Lincoln replied that anyone over the age of 30 must be responsible for their face!

On Wednesday, December 12, Lance Tyson, President of Dale Carnegie Training of Ohio and Indiana, will be in the Cleveland area to speak on this and other factors that determine a person’s promotability in a workshop entitled "Are You Promotable". Details and registration can be found on the Events page on the Dale Carnegie Cleveland website.

On Tuesday, December 11, Laura Nortz, Director of Training for Dale Carnegie Training of Ohio and Indiana, will be conducting the workshop in the Akron-Canton area. Details and registration can be found on the Events page of the Dale Carnegie Akron website.

Every waking moment, we have an opportunity to take responsibility for our face. And in the process, we take responsibility for the rest of the events that happen in our lives, including getting promoted.

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